About Paul Kwiatkowski
Paul Kwiatkowski is a New York-based writer and photographer. His work has appeared in numerous outlets, including Juxtapoz, Beautiful Decay, American Suburb X, and LPV Magazine. Kwiatkowski was born in Jersey City, NJ and grew up in South Florida during the 1990s. He studied at Tufts University and The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as at F + F School for Art in Zurich, Switzerland. Visit paulkmedia.com and follow Paul on Twitter @XOPK.
About the Book

Out of South Florida's lush and decaying suburban landscape bloom the delinquent magic and chaotic adolescence of And Every Day Was Overcast.

Paul Kwiatkowski's arresting photographs amplify a novel of profound vision and vulnerability. Drugs, teenage cruelty, wonder, and the screen-flickering worlds of Predator and Married…With Children shape and warp the narrator's developing sense of self as he navigates adventures and misadventures, from an ill-fated LSD trip on an island of castaway rabbits to the devastating specter of HIV and AIDS.

This alchemy of photography and fiction gracefully illuminates the travesties and triumphs of the narrator's quest to forge emotional connections and fulfill his brutal longings for love.

About the Special Edition Print
The signed photographic print will be one of Kwiatkowski’s iconic Florida shots from the book, and it is ready to frame.
About “And Every Day Was Overcast”, the LP
This limited-edition soundtrack contains a bizarre and beautiful audioscape created by Paul Kwiatkowski and Black Balloon Publishing, with authentic Florida field recordings, interviews, animal sounds, ambient noise, and electronic music tones. Stamped on clear vinyl with a custom jacket and hand-signed note from the author, this record is the weirdest, most profoundly fantastic thing you’ll buy all year.

About Black Balloon Publishing
Black Balloon Publishing is an independent press headquartered in New York, NY. We've published literary fiction, nonfiction, and memoir, and we're willing to grow our reach in any direction that suits: our books evolve, rotate, get mapped onto cities and light up your screen. We champion the weird, the unwieldy, and the unclassifiable.
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